What copywriting services do you provide?

If you can read it on the web, I can write it.  This includes (but is not limited to): writing new content for websites, re-writing content for websites that are performing poorly or need to be updated, email funnels and sequences, sales pages, landing pages, ads, product descriptions, webinars, and videos. I’m also a meticulous editor and proofreader when it comes to print.   

Why should I hire you?

I am a minimalist.  

Yep, you read that right. 

I also happen to be a (small) consumer, and when I am looking to purchase a product or service, the minimalist in me gravitates towards the benefits a product or service provides, a quality solution to my problem.  I understand that cherished slice of the market, but I also understand those looking for the “next best thing,” or those that operate on the notion that “everyone has that, and so must I!”  

Your brand and my copy will convert consumers. 

I specialize in delivering your brand’s benefit, the heart of your message, to the heart of your market in a way that will especially attract the outlier consumers that thrive on spreading the word when they find a brand they love enough to buy.

How do we work together?

From Start to Finish:

1. You send me an initial email detailing what services you are in need of.

2. I’ll respond promptly (within 24 hours) and schedule a phone consultation with you. I will also ask you to send me any additional information that can help me understand your project before we talk.

3. During our phone consultation, I’ll ask questions about your project and we will see if we are a good fit.

4. Once I understand the scope of your project, I’ll crunch numbers and send you a quote.

5. If we are in agreement, you’ll pay a 50% deposit to begin the project.  I may send you any additional questions to make sure we are on the exact same page moving into the project.

6. I’ll get started developing awesome copy, and a draft will be sent to you within the timeline we agreed upon.

7. After you review the draft, we can either go over it on the phone, or you can email me any revision requests.

8. I’ll revise. We can repeat if needed – I offer two rounds of revisions.

9. I submit the completed project to you in the form of a google doc.

10. You pay me the final 50%, and tell all your friends about me.*  

*I offer referral discounts for subsequent projects!

BONUS: Once the copy goes live, please email me the link so I can review the finished product.  Sometimes errors (including typos!) occur when my clients copy, paste, or edit my writing to publish it.  The proofreader/perfectionist in me needs to review the final product once it’s published.  I do this for FREE, after we’ve finished working together, because I care about my work and I want you to get the best possible return on my copy.

How do you charge?

I charge a fixed rate for every project based on a combination of factors. I can only give you an accurate quote after I understand the scope of your project.

What are your terms?

I ask for 50% of the price of the project up front, then the remainder is due when I turn the final product in to you.

When can you start on my project?

ASAP! It will depend on the size/length of your project and my current workload.  This is something we discuss in our initial phone consultation.

How long will it take?

I’m a quick, focused copywriter who has NEVER missed a deadline.  Once I understand the scope of your project, I can give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take me and we will set deadlines together. 

Can you do a rush job?

Absolutely.  Rush jobs are a specialty of mine, so I will try to accommodate you whenever possible, given my current workload. I charge a 15% fee of the total project cost for rush jobs.

What if I don’t like the first draft?

My track record is pretty strong with first submissions, but it’s possible that a first draft could fall short for you in some way.  This is why I offer two revisions!  If you don’t like the first draft, please be honest with your needs moving forward and I will do everything I can to make the second draft exactly what you want.

I’ve started a project and already have some content.  Do you help with revising and editing?

Yes! Between you and me, editing/proofreading is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m really good at it.  Once I assess your project, I’ll be able to give you a quote.

Can you write about my business if you don’t have experience in my field?

Absolutely. Every project I do begins with research; a lot of research!  I am a former teacher, a mother and wife, I’ve run two successful businesses with my husband, and I have two degrees that honed my researching skills.  I have personal experience in those areas, but I have actually written copy in the fields of senior living, mental health, boutique medicine, surgery services and recovery, and apartment living, just to name a few.

Can you optimize my website for SEO?

As your copywriter, I can optimize the copy for SEO. You or your web developer will need to edit the meta tags and meta descriptions with SEO in mind for the optimization of your website as a whole. In our initial phone consultation you can let me know if you or your web developer have already researched SEO keywords for your project. Once I have them, I know how to use them in my copy for the best results. If I need to research for SEO keywords, I will factor that into the quote.

Please note: As a copywriter (and consumer!) I value high-quality readability as opposed to robotic, formulaic text that is strangely worded to get keywords on the page in the hopes of bringing traffic to a site.  My goal with SEO is to provide high-quality copy that reads naturally.  This copy will contain keywords of course, but will actually list higher on search results because it is good quality information. My copy will bring (and keep!) visitors to your site.