Clear. Concise. Compelling.

I deliver the heart of your message to the heart of your market with copy that converts.

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Is it time for you to be intentional about your website copywriting and content marketing? Do you want to reclaim your time to focus on your core competencies, cut to the heart of your message, and deliver it with copy that converts?  

Welcome. I’m Rebecca Filhart.

As a copywriter, I help your business succeed by engaging your audience with a clear, relatable voice they can trust and brand they want to patronize .  The benefit-driven copy I craft for your business connects your audience’s problems with the solutions your business provides.  That all happens with clear, compelling, targeted messaging that keeps them coming back. My copy will have them spreading the word and bringing friends when they return.

My concentrations include:

  • Persuasive, benefit-driven copy.
  • Strategic website content creation or revision.
  • Deliberate placement of SEO-driven keywords that read naturally.
  • Strengthening your calls-to-action.
  • Working with you to create and refine your brand story.
  • Working together to achieve your desired results.

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